father of eight shot in the face

Deceased’s family cannot understand the motive behind his brutal murder.
A father of eight has been wiped out in broad daylight as he walked to a shop near his home to buy a pakkie entjies.

Suleiman Ely, 38, had just woken up from a Sunday afternoon nap when he was shot three times in the face by gunmen on foot between Dolan and Princess courts in Hanover Park.

The victim’s brother, Mogamat Ely, 43, who shared his last Sunday lunch with his sibling, tells the Daily Voice they are still trying to come to terms with Suleiman’s tragic death and are confused as to why he was murdered.

Suleiman was a painter contracted by the City of Cape Town.

Witnesses say he was shot three times in the face and died instantly.

His shocked relatives found him lying bleeding in the street, his shoes off his feet.

Mogamat explains he heard the gunshots and rushed outside to find his brother’s lifeless body.

The brothers had lunch around noon, and took a slapie afterwards.

“We woke up around 4pm and Suleiman told me ‘Boeta, I am just going to get cigarettes at the shop’,” he says.

“All I heard were the gunshots and didn’t even realise he was shot until people began screaming that it was him.

“The killer walked straight up to him and shot him twice in the forehead and once in the cheek.

“He was already dead when family got to his body.”

Mogamat says his brother was a hard-working man and didn’t deserve the brutal death.

“He was a father of eight children and he worked as a painter. He wasn’t a gangster,” he says.

“The shootings here began on Saturday and it seems the police aren’t doing anything about this.

“We do not know why they [gangsters] would do this to him; maybe it was a case of mistaken identity.”

Mogamat also denied that his brother’s children have links to gangs.

The dad was buried according to Muslim rites on Monday.

Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk confirms a murder case is under investigation.

“We can confirm a 38-year-old male was shot and killed at Dolan Court Hanover Park by an unknown
suspect. The case is being