Homeowner shot SEVEN times by armed robbers

Cape Town – A Cape Flats man is fighting for his life after he was shot seven times by armed robbers at his home.

The man in his forties was rushed to Tygerberg Hospital on Monday at 10pm after the four suspects broke down his door and stormed inside his home in Selungiwe Street, Symphony, Delft.

Police have confirmed they are investigating a housebreaking syndicate in the area.

Delft crime fighters say the area is a hotspot for robberies and hijackings.

On Tuesday, top cops from Delft Police Station visited the house where the security gate had been broken and twisted by the robbers as they gained entry.

A plasma TV, a cellphone and a bag of money was stolen.

The Daily Voice tried speaking to the man’s relatives but learnt they were at the hospital.

It’s believed the man and his wife were in the kitchen when the gang broke the security gate.

The couple tried to escape through the back door, but the robbers spotted them and went around to the backyard.

They fired “about seven shots” at the man, grabbed the valuables and fled.

His wife was not harmed.

A neighbour and crime fighter, who asked not to be identified, said she witnessed part of the attack.

“I was standing in my doorway when I saw these four suspicious men. I immediately went inside and closed my door,” she explained.

“Not too long after that, I heard a loud banging sound as they tried to kick open the door next door.

“The wife told me she was cooking and her husband sat on a bucket behind the door and he could see the men through the window trying to get inside.

“The wife told the husband they must open the back door to get out and this is how the men got inside and shot him and stole the items.”

Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk confirmed the incident and that the victim was in a critical condition in hospital.

He added that police are investigating “a syndicate operating in the area” but would not divulge more.

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