‘Please spare my killer drug addict son’

Cape Town:09/01/17: Fatima Buxey the mother of Wasief Buxey who confessed to murdering Stellenbosch student Robyn Pearce. Pictures by:Brendan Magaar

Cape Town – The mother of the man who confessed to murdering university student Robyn Pearce in a Sea Point flat has begged for mercy for her only child.

On Monday, in an exclusive interview with the Daily Voice, the 54-year-old woman revealed:

* Her son is a tik addict

* He confessed to murdering the student

* She wants him to go to jail.

However, Fatima Buxey, has appealed to the courts to spare her son, construction worker Washief Buxey, 28, from a lengthy prison term.

Washief allegedly admitted to his mother and police to robbing and stabbing the Stellenbosch University student to death at her mother’s flat in Sea Point.

Fatima says after stabbing 20-year-old Pearce, Washief rushed home to Ottery where he told the family he had stabbed someone, but didn’t know if the person had died or not.

On Monday, a shattered Fatima broke her silence on her son’s crime, saying it was the first time he had been accused of anything despite being heavily addicted to tik for 12 years.

Fatima says the deadly drug turned her son into a monster on the day of the murder and that he deserves to pay for his deeds.

Robyn Pearce, 20
Pearce was found butchered in her mother’s locked fourth floor Sea Point apartment on December 2.

She was repeatedly stabbed in her stomach and some items were stolen from the flat.

Washief had been working with his uncle at the building at the time of the murder and allegedly entered the flat via an open window.

He appeared in the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court on December 19, where he opted not to apply for bail.

“My son confessed and he said also he doesn’t want lawyers,” said Fatima. “He also doesn’t want bail.

“My child did the deed and I cannot say that he must be freed. Justice must be served but I am asking for leniency from the court.

“I am not saying he must come out. I know because of this deed, he has learnt this lesson. So when he comes out he will be a good child, when he isn’t doing drugs, he is a good child.”

Fatima said she also hoped to meet Pearce’s mother face-to-face, to beg her forgiveness because her son robbed her of a daughter.

“I want to say to the child’s family I am very sorry for what my child did. I know my words will not bring that child back. I know that mother’s pain because I am also a mother.

“She was a beautiful student who had her whole life ahead of her. I feel the pain, what that mother had sacrificed for her child, and to think my child, due to drugs, I am not saying he is that person who won’t kill.”

Fatima said her son made a confession to her and her tenant at her home on December 14 but chose not to divulge what he said.

Cape Town:09/01/17: Wasief Buxey who confessed to murdering Stellenbosch student Robyn Pearce. Pictures by:Brendan Magaar

Washief Buxey, 28
She said she tried religion to steer her child away from drugs: “I am fighting for 12 years to get him off drugs. I have had him at rehabilitation centres and I even tried with the deen, Qur’an studies,” she said.

“He did drugs, he hurt me, yes, but he never harmed people, this is the first time in his life that has been accused of a crime. He would steal curtains and other items but he was never violent.

“He was not a gangster; this was drugs and the choices he made. Until today I cannot accept it that my child killed a person, until the court finds him guilty.

“I don’t want to use drugs as an excuse but the law knows what the drugs is doing to our children.”

Washief Buxey will make his next court appearance on March 2