Cape Town couple weds in hospital after surviving robbery on eve of ceremony

Cape Town – A bride in a formal wedding gown and veil carrying a pink rose bouquet walked down an aisle of a different kind in Cape Town on Sunday – meeting her wounded groom in hospital.

Muneer Hercules was rushed to hospital after being injured in an alleged armed robbery at home on Saturday night – the eve of his wedding to Maryam Kallie.

Refusing to let crime get in the way of their wedding day, the couple managed to switch their plans to tie the knot in hospital, according to Melomed Gatesville, which shared their eventful wedding on Facebook.

The hospital management gave their blessing for the Muslim wedding ceremony (Nikkah) to go ahead in the hospital.

Many wishes of a speedy recovery for Hercules were accompanied by messages of support for the couple.

“Love conquers all,” said Abigail Page while Asma Harrison commented: “Two hearts beat as one, May Allah … bless their marriage abundantly in all that they wish for.”

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