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Major public outcry over video of people looting live pigs from overturned truck

Mavin Pillay- 1st Apr 2022

Two videos of looters pouncing on an overturned truck to loot pigs that it was transporting has caused a massive ... Read More

Ramaphosa panics as his iPad briefly goes missing moments before going live on TV

Mavin Pillay- 22nd Jun 2021

“I am looking for my iPad. Somebody stole my iPad" President Cyril Ramaphosa visibly showed signs of panic after his ... Read More

Dashcam shows terrified bakkie driver under attack from an incensed elephant

Mavin Pillay- 5th Jun 2021

Toyota bakkies are amongst the best when it comes to navigating the bushes but that's only when there are no ... Read More

Watch | Audi driver clocks 308km/h on Joburg highway

Mavin Pillay- 20th Jan 2020

A video surfaced online of an Audi driver accelerating from 243km/h to 308km/h on N1 around the Midrand area. The ... Read More

Cheating wife video goes viral on social media

Mavin Pillay- 25th Dec 2019

A video in which a husband films himself searching a room where he suspects his wife, Yolanda, to be hiding ... Read More

WATCH: Grantleigh school ‘demonic’ art display has Christians fuming

Mavin Pillay- 22nd Oct 2019

Durban - Grantleigh School in Richards Bay is a hot topic today after displaying 'demonic' artwork on their prize giving ... Read More

Video: Westville woman murdered after allegedly catching a lift from a hijacked taxi

Mavin Pillay- 18th Sep 2019

Durban - Florence Jennifer Dilworth was on her way to church on Sunday morning when she was murdered. It appears ... Read More

WATCH: Westville attempted ‘hit’ captured on Dash Cam

Mavin Pillay- 19th Aug 2019

Durban - Police are still searching for a gunman who attempted to kill a Westville resident while he was driving ... Read More

WATCH: Man shot and disarmed during house robbery in Durban

Mavin Pillay- 16th Aug 2019

Durban - A man has escaped death, in early hours of Thursday morning, after he was shot during a robbery ... Read More

WATCH: Assassination attempt on tobacco boss Simon Rudland caught on camera

Mavin Pillay- 16th Aug 2019

CCTV footage of an assassination attempt on Simon Rudland, co-owner of the Gold Leaf Tobacco Corporation and a member of ... Read More