looting live pigs

Major public outcry over video of people looting live pigs from overturned truck

Two videos of looters pouncing on an overturned truck to loot pigs that it was transporting has caused a massive public outcry online.

“Looting live pigs”

“Absolutely savage.. and barbaric,” read some comments on a trucker Facebook page where the video was posted.

The page did not specify where the accident and looting happened but through a simple search on social media, TellitallSA brings you the real story behind the video.

Video by SA Trucker

Yes, it was looting. The people looted the injured, dead and live pigs when a truck transporting them overturned in Argentina earlier this week.

The video seen on a local trucker page, however, does not show other parts that would prove it was not South Africa. Being a crime ridden country as it is, South Africans easily believed that it was somewhere in the country. After all, looting is rampant here so it’s not unreasonable to think the looters were South Africans.

The video below shows the same scene after the Argentine police had arrived. It also shows the looters dragging away the pigs dead or alive.

Most of the population in the country are poverty stricken and from social media comments one can easily relate their problems to South Africa.

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Some users were disgusted by humans exhibiting inhuman behaviour to the poor animals.

One comment read, “Instead of helping the injured animals, these barbarians act like it’s an episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ sies man”

Pigs looting argentina

Watch the other video below: