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Ramaphosa panics as his iPad briefly goes missing moments before going live on TV



“I am looking for my iPad. Somebody stole my iPad”

President Cyril Ramaphosa visibly showed signs of panic after his iPad mysteriously disappeared a few moments before he could go live to announce an important development about the National Ports Authority.

The announcement that the National Ports Authority was now an independent subsidiary of Transnet was briefly delayed because he was unable to find the device which contained his speech, bringing comic relief into the room.

After being introduced to the podium by acting presidency spokesperson Tyrone Seale, Ramaphosa said in jest: “I am looking for my iPad. Somebody stole my iPad.

“Somebody decided they want to dispossess me of my iPad, so I want that. Can I have my iPad please? They stole it.”

Ramaphosa, who looked genuinely puzzled, then said: “I had my iPad.”

Holding the microphone and looking sideways, he asked Seale: “Do you know where they took my iPad to?

“This is the problem of always handing your gadgets to other people. It is always best that I should keep all these things with me all the time.”

Looking at Seale, a seemingly confused Ramaphosa said: “I had my iPad. I had it in my hand. It’s gone. I have lost it, it seems.”

The president rarely deviates from his written speeches.

Seale asked Ramaphosa to take a seat while officials tried to locate the device.

Seale later reintroduced the guests and invited Ramaphosa back to the podium. With his iPad in hand, the president thanked guests for their patience and made his announcement.

Watch the video below;

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Dashcam shows terrified bakkie driver under attack from an incensed elephant



Elephant vs bakkie limpopo

Toyota bakkies are amongst the best when it comes to navigating the bushes but that’s only when there are no elephants.

Ask a Bosbok Gas employee and his Toyota bakkie they will tell you the elephant is the real boss after they survived an encounter with a charged one.

The Bosbok Gas driver, Norman Nukeri, had a “too close” encounter with nature while making a delivery to one of its game reserve clients.

Nathan Traut, Bosbok Gas’ marketing and operations manager, said their driver was on his way out of Klaserie Private Nature Reserve on Tuesday after delivering diesel to Klaserie Drift and Ntoma Bush Lodge.

While on his way out, Nukeri had a run-in with an elephant that left his Toyota bakkie with quite a bit of damage to the body.

Traut said in the 30 years they have been in business, something like this has never happened.

“Nature is one of the perks of having to work in nature reserves, just not this close up,” he jokingly remarked.

A video of the incident shows Nukeri trying to ward the elephant off. Initially, it seems as though the animal gives up on the stand-off, but then later returns to basically separate the bonnet from the bakkie.

In facing dashcam shows the terrified Nukeri shell shocked as the elephant attacks his bakkie.

Nukeri could not reverse to outpace the elephant since was towing a small diesel tanker.

“Nukeri is fine, he is just a little shell-shocked. Our director, Hardus Geldenhuys, and a second driver went to the scene to assist. A good thing, considering Nukeri’s state of shock,” Traut said.

Elephant vs bakkie Klaserie Private Nature Reserve

The bakkie after enduring the attack. Photo supplied.

“The bakkie’s bodywork was damaged, but there are very few mechanical issues. It was driveable, just not with the bonnet, so they removed it and the vehicle was brought back to the office sans bonnet by the second driver.”

Damage to the bakkie is in the region of R50 000.

Even though Nukeri is doing well, Traut mentioned that he does not wish to be interviewed.

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Watch | Audi driver clocks 308km/h on Joburg highway



Audi driver clocks 308km/h

A video surfaced online of an Audi driver accelerating from 243km/h to 308km/h on N1 around the Midrand area.

The motorist was seemingly driving on the N1 south in Midrand.

The video starts with the car doing 243km/h on the dashboard and quickly shoots up to 308km/h.

Social media was abuzz with video on Sunday.

The motorist goes on to clock 308km/h in what appears to be an Audi before the video ends.

Johannesburg metro police department (JMPD) spokesperson Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar said there was no fine for speeds of more than 160km/h, only a court appearance.

“If the motorist fails to appear in court then a warrant of arrest will be authorised.

“There is a possibility that he will receive a notice through the post because speed cameras are operated on different roads on a 24-hour basis,” Minnaar said.

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Cheating wife video goes viral on social media

A video in which a husband films himself searching a room where he suspects his wife, Yolanda, to be hiding has gone viral on social media.



yolanda video

A video of a wife caught redhanded by her husband cheating with a backroom man has gone viral on social media.

In the video the husband films himself searching a room where he suspects his wife, Yolanda, to be hiding.

After turning almost everything up side down he decides to lift the bed and he is welcomed by the wife who is squeezing herself in one corner.

TellitallSA is following up on the source of the video.

Twitter was abuzz with the video, prompting some to make a challenge that got many talking.

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