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Durban couple sue doctor for R15m following their baby’s death



durban doctor sued for baby's death

Durban – A Phoenix couple have brought a R15 million claim against an uMhlanga specialist obstetrician for the emotional trauma they suffered during and after the birth of their severely deformed baby.

The distraught mother has said, in court papers, that she would never forget how she cried uncontrollably as she held her “horrifically deformed” newborn child in her arms and the doctor told her to “keep quiet” as he stitched her.

She had undergone a Caesarean section.

Neeren Ramsewak, 42, a planner for Eskom, and his wife, Temeshini, 39, through their attorney, Theasen Pillay, filed a combined summons in the Durban High Court last month.

They are suing Dr Abdul Hazmath of the Umhlanga Medical Centre for negligence, emotional trauma, distress, anguish, pain and suffering.

Temeshini gave birth to Jordon Taylor in May 2016 at the Umhlanga Hospital. She was shown the deformed baby soon after his birth.

“The baby had a deformed face, one deformed limb and no sex organs. He was also struggling to breathe and made a gurgling sound.”

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The couple stated in court papers that they were in disbelief as they had been given every assurance by Hazmath that their baby was physically normal.

Temeshini, who had a brain tumour removed in 2010, claimed that after consulting her neurosurgeon, she was given a clean bill of health to try for a third pregnancy.

In November 2015, she consulted a general practitioner after suspecting she was pregnant. She was referred to Hazmath, who confirmed she was six weeks’ pregnant.

Excited at the news, the couple began preparing for their baby. “We prepared a nursery, bought a pram, cot, clothing, toiletries and all the other necessities.

“But we had to return all the items explaining to the stores that the baby had died. This was emotionally traumatic,” said Temeshini.

During her consultation with Hazmath she was told her baby was developing well. However, in February 2016, she claimed Hazmath told them that there was insufficient amniotic fluid in her womb.

She was admitted to the Mount Edgecombe Life Hospital for five days and underwent a series of scans, examinations and tests.

During a follow-up consultation with Hazmath, they claim he told them that there was still an absence of amniotic fluid but the foetus was developing well.

Temeshini said he cautioned them that the baby would be small in size at birth because of this lack of amniotic fluid, and that the lungs might not be fully developed.

“But we were given the assurance that the baby would grow normally thereafter.”

In March, the couple consulted Hazmath to determine if the treatment given to her had increased the levels of amniotic fluid.

“It did not and, despite this, he still assured us the baby was doing well with a strong heartbeat. When we asked about the sex of the baby, Hazmath said it was not visible. This was his response at every consultation prior to the baby’s birth,” she said.

In April, Hazmath allegedly informed them that the baby was suffering from a condition resembling spina bifida, a deformity of the lower spine. He said the baby would be treated for the condition immediately after birth.

“This was disturbing and things started to take a turn for the worse. In May, he referred me to a Dr Bhorat at the Umhlanga Medical Centre for an amnio fusion. He was told by Bhorat that it would not help because it ought to have been done earlier.”

She then claimed Hazmath prescribed a steroid for her which had to be taken via injection every eight hours over 48 hours.

“I was also given oral steroids to help the baby’s kidneys and lungs develop. On May 25, I experienced labour pains and was admitted to hospital and underwent a Caesarean section.”

When the baby was born, Hazmath said it had severe abnormalities in the lower extremities and the room filled with staff went silent, the couple claimed.

“When I saw my baby I began to cry uncontrollably. The baby was taken away by a paediatrician for medical treatment. We were told by a paediatrician that the baby was not compatible with life. The baby was brought back to me for a short while and I began apologising to the baby. The baby was removed from me because his oxygen levels were not improving.

“We were told we did not have much more time and I was given the baby to hold. By then he had turned blue and struggled to breathe. He died in my arms.

“I felt responsible for our baby’s death because as a mother you are meant to protect your children. Baby’s funeral was held a day after my birthday and it has been a very emotional two years for us.”

The couple said they were taking legal action because they wanted justice.

“Another family should not have to go through the pain we went through.”

Hazmath has until the end of this week to respond to their allegations. POST

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Look: 4 critically injured in tanker and bus crash on N3



Tanker and bus on fire mooi river

Four people have been injured and multiple others injured when a tanker truck, a bus and other vehicles were involved in a serious crash on N3 north just before the Hidcote off ramp in Mooi River.

Netcare 911’s Shawn Herbst said that paramedics responded to the accident scene at 15H42 on Monday afternoon.

“Netcare 911 with Nsele Ambulance Services Responded to a collision on the N3 Johannesburg bound in Hidcote KZN Midlands region.

Reports indicate that a bus, tanker and multiple cars were involved in a collision leaving four people critical and approximately fourty-four other patients with minor to serious injuries,” said Hersbt.

The fire and rescue services are currently on scene trying to extinguish the fire to determine if any deaths have occurred.

This is a developing story.

Tanker and bus on fire mooi river

Tanker bus accident hidcote

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Attorney Theasen Pillay found deceased in his Umhlanga Ridge apartment



Attorney Theasan Pillay death

Durban – Lawyer Theasan Pillay, 47, from attorneys Theasan Pillay and Associates has been found dead in his apartment on Solstice road in Umhlanga Ridge on Friday morning.

Private security company, Reaction Unit South Africa (Rusa) reported that they received a call at 11h34 on Friday from a relative requesting assistance after he made the gruesome discovery.

Rusa officers and paramedics on arrival found Pillay in his bedroom.

He had suffered stab wounds to his arm and chest.

“It was established that Pillay left a suicide note at his offices in Umhlanga prior to leaving the premises this morning. His employees discovered the note and called him. During a telephonic conversation he assured them that he was fine and needed some time alone. They then informed his family and requested that they check on his well-being.

His brother proceeded to his apartment and gained access with a set of spare keys when he made the discovery,” said Rusa.

Pillay’s death is being investigated by the police and updates will be shared as soon as they become available.

This is a developing story.

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Leo Prinsloo guarded Kim Kardashian amongst other high profile people



Leo Prinsloo kim Kardashian

Pretoria – The hero guard, Leo Prinsloo, once served as a guard for former President Nelson Mandela, Prince Charles and even Kim Kardashian amongst high profile people, IOL has reported.

Deon Coetzee, MD of the Fortis Group said that Prinsloo has been in various security roles for more than 30 years now, with a 12 year career in the South African Police Special Task Force.

He had extensive training, including training with Abu Dhabi’s Anti-Terrorism unit.

In the SAPS Task Force, he was a head instructor of their lone operator training.

Prinsloo and Lloyd Mthombeni became a world topic when a video was shared on social media of them being shot at by robbers.

Coetzee said the two had been escorting a van that was transporting cellphones when they came under attack on the N4 freeway in Pretoria.

He said the modus operandi of criminals is to take out both the escort vehicle and the courier vehicle.

“In the video you see what was happening to the escort vehicle. Two vehicles with three criminals in each tried to take them and Leo took evasive action,” Coetzee said.


“The guard in the passenger seat, Lloyd Mthombeni, was just four days on the job when the incident happened,” he said.

Dash cam footage of the incident was shared thousands of times and quickly went viral on social media. The public has hugely been amazed by the bravery exhibited by Prinsloo who managed to keep his cool as bullets rained on his van.

News agencies across the globe covered the incident showing Prinsloo’s daring escape from the robbers.

Death threats

Meanwhile, Prinsloo has been placed under police guard following death threats.

Coetzee said they have had to step up security around him following the threats.

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