Phoenix dad killed in bike crash

Nitesh Ramjith of Montmore Place in Stanmore sustained life-threatening injuries when his bike crashed into a tree and passed on in hospital.

KZN VIP Medical and Response and Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) were dispatched to the accident scene. RUSA boss, Prem Balram, said, “Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) were called out to scene on Rydalvale Drive at about 6:50am and found a private ambulance service in attendance. The biker was stabilised on scene and transported to hospital. The impact of the accident was quite intense causing the rear wheel of the Honda CBR to separate on impact.”

A Phoenix family has been plunged into the throes of mourning after a 33-year-old husband and dad was killed tragically in a bike accident on Rydalvale Drive on Sunday morning.

said, “It is alleged that the driver of the motorcycle lost control of the bike and crashed into a tree. He was stabilised on scene but transported in a critical condition to hospital. Sadly, it was determined that the patient succumbed to his life-threatening injuries at hospital and passed on.” Phoenix Community

Policing Forum chairman, Umesh Singh, said, “This is an absolute tragedy so close to the start of the Christmas season. We urge roadusers to exhibit extreme caution on the roads and be mindful of other roadusers during this busy season. Accidents occur in the blink of an eye and tragedies snatch loved ones away in a heartbeat. A family is grieving their loved one and we sympathise with them at this heartwrenching time. Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians are implored to be safety conscious at all times in all situations.”


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