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State has weak case, no evidence against Miguel Louw kidnapper, says magistrate



miguel louw kidnapping court case

DURBAN – Magistrate Mohamed Motala have granted R2500 bail to Mohammed Vahed Ebrahim, 43, accused of kidnapping Miguel Louw, he told the court he found the State had a weak case and had found no compelling evidence to keep the accused behind bars.

After the alleged kidnapper was granted bail, the missing schoolboy’s father slammed the accused with his jacket as he descended to the holding cells at the Durban Magistrates Court.

As the accused descended into the holding cells at the court, family and friends in the gallery were leaving court, grumbling, but Miguel’s father Kirk, could be seen watching Ebrahim while rolling up his jacket. He then hurriedly leaned over the court benches and struck Ebrahim with a jacket, before police reprimanded the father, as Motala watched on in disbelief.

It was one of several heated moments in the courtroom on Wednesday, as family members who were seated in the gallery disrupted proceedings by shouting during the bail hearing.

Magistrate Motala threw one person out of the courtroom at one point and scolded: “ What does this say about our society? About our law abiding people?”

An enraged Raylene Louw, Miguel’s mother, stormed out the courtroom and shouted: “He took my child! I’ll meet him outside.”

Just as Raylene left the courtroom, another person in the gallery who was accompanying the mother shouted at the magistrate: “You should see the video footage”.

Ebrahim, 43, stands accused of kidnapping the Sydenham schoolboy and stealing his identity documents including a birth certificate. He was granted R2500 bail with strict bail condition that he report to the Phoenix SAPs three times a week. He is also restricted from visiting the Sydenham area unless accompanied by a police officer, the court heard.

The video footage the Louw family was referring to was from inside a Sydenham KFC, where Ebrahim was seen with the Miguel. He has admitted he was with Miguel on the day.

Ebrahim’s defence attorney, Chris Gounden, said: “My client has made the admission that he was at the home of the child, where he had stayed the night before. He then went to the school where he saw the child. The pair went to a KFC shop. My client then went across the road to a taxi which he bordered alone.”

According to Gounden, Ebrahim saw the identity documents in Louw’s house and kept them for safekeeping.

Motala questioned the state for proof that Ebrahim bordered the taxi with Miguel but prosecutor Calvin Govender said cameras in the vicinity did not show where Ebrahim bordered the taxi.

The state is currently pressing on why Ebrahim did not inform anyone of his whereabouts for three days since Miguel’s kidnapping.

Ebrahim was arrested on July 20 in the Durban CBD. He said he did not have money to board a taxi to return to his Phoenix home.

According to the state, Ebrahim lives in a dilapidated wendyhouse on the premises of his parents home.

He is estranged from his family, unmarried and without children.

“We sympathize with the family. But by focusing on the wrong person, the real perpetrator might get away with it,” he said in court earlier.

At this point, Miguel’s grandmother, Arlene Paul, stormed out of court shouting: “I’d rather walk away than to hear a lawyer lie so much in Jesus name, Amen Lord.”

On granting Ebrahim bail, Motala reminded the gallery of the laws of the country, and the reason for legal procedures.

Ebrahim will appear in court on October 17.

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Watch: Teddy Mafia’s son-in-law targeted in Shallcross drive-by shooting



Teddy mafia son in law

Kesavan Isaac Naidoo, the son-in-law of slain alleged Durban drug boss “Teddy Mafia” has survived a brazen attempted assassination on Wednesday, his family confirmed.

The incident took place at about 10am in Shallcross, south of Durban.

Naidoo, 41, is the son-in-law of Yaganathan Pillay – also known as Teddy Mafia.

He was shot twice in a daylight hit on Table Mountain Drive. The incident was captured on CCTV.

“Isaac was shot in both legs and his driver was shot in the hand. Both of them survived. They’re in hospital,” he said.

Read also: Alleged Durban drug kingpin Teddy Mafia killed, suspects beheaded

Pillay said Naidoo was in the back seat while his wife was in the front. The shooting, seen in the footage, takes place moments after they open the doors of their vehicle to get out.

In the footage, a white vehicle can be seen driving along Table Mountain Drive before it is stopped, partially blocking the left hand side of the road. Thirteen seconds later, Naidoo’s vehicle, a white Toyota Fortuna, pulls up.

The back passenger door of the Fortuner is opened, but it is not clear from the footage who the person was who opened it or if they got out of the vehicle.

Naidoo’s wife is seen getting out of the front passenger side of the vehicle and walks towards the rear of the SUV.

Suddenly, four men alight from the stationary vehicle, three of them drawing firearms and running towards the Fortuner, firing multiple shots. The fourth man stands next to the white car.

As the bullets are fired, Naidoo’s driver accelerates and drives past the other vehicle. Naidoo is presumably in the vehicle as it speeds away, but this could not immediately be confirmed.

Pillay said Naidoo was doing “OK”.

Police have been approached for comment, and this story will be updated.


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Facebook Down, Instagram and WhatsApp also offline



Facebook Down, Instagram and WhatsApp also offline

Facebook is currently experiencing an outage impacting its family of sites including WhatsApp and Instagram.

Most Facebook users are seeing an error message that says ‘This site can’t be reached.’ On Instagram, the error message shows as a 5xx Server Error message.

The outage is impacting users on both desktop and mobile.

“We’re aware that some people are having trouble accessing our apps and products,” Andy Stone, policy communications manager at Facebook, tweeted on Monday. “We’re working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible, and we apologize for any inconvenience.”

Facebook Messenger and Oculus are also experiencing outages.

The first reports on started around 5pm.

According to The Verge, the issue is likely related to a DNS issue. When Slack experienced an outage last week, it was also related to DNS issues.

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Husband killed, wife critical as robbers open fire during Joburg home invasion



randpark home invasion

A home invasion on Sunday night left a man dead and his wife fighting for her life after they were shot by robbers in Randpark, Johannesburg.

Emer-G-Med private emergency services paramedics found the man had sustained fatal gunshot wounds and he was declared dead.

His wife was also shot several times and was stabilised before being taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Reports from the scene indicated there were several armed assailants.

Police are investigating the incident.- TimesLIVE

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