AKA To Launch His Own Spirit Brand With CRUZ Vodka

Mzansi celebrities are all about securing as many bags as they possibly while at the peak of their careers. Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes is the last but certainly not least to making major money moves with his long term partners, CRUZ Vodka.

One thing about some of Mzansi celebrities is their work ethic and growing their brands in which ever way they possibly can. AKA has been in a partnership with CRUZ Vodka for quite some time now, however the dynamic of their partnership may be shifting soon as the rapper and businessman is venturing into his own.

Taking to social media, AKA has shared the amazing news with his fans and followers and the excitement has taken precedence as the star will be handling his own going forward. AKA has profusely conveyed his gratitude to the CRUZ Vodka family for allowing him to grow from strength and strength, up until this very moment where he is branching on his own as a formidable brand.

“Thank You @Cruzvodka for an amazing partnership” wrote AKA

In the statement, CRUZ Vodka has relayed AKA’s ambition to partner with them as a brand owner and no longer a partner, as he has taken to them with his new business model. Following the smooth sailing relationship with CRUZ Vodka, AKA has been granted and given all the green light to partner with the brand as a brand owner and this could only mean amazing news for AKA and his brand.

“Post lengthy discussions, Kiernan Forbes (AKA) has shared his ambition to create his own spirit brand with CRUZ management team. He outlined a change in his business model from AKA partner to AKA owned brands. We appreciate his vision and agreed that its the logical next step for him. reads CRUZ Vodka statement

AKA is the last and certainly not least of some of  Mzansi’s personalities to venture into having their own labels and brands with alcohol companies. Although he has been with the CRUZ Vodka family for a minute now but he has come to a conclusion of coming in as a brand owner and this could mean more money for supamega.

The likes of media personality and AKA’s ex-girlfriend Bonang Matheba has her own branded alcohol called BNG and it has been raining success for Queen B once she has launched her very own branded alcohol. AKA is certainly walking into the footsteps of Bonang Matheba who owns every right to her brand BNG.

AKA will still be part of the CRUZ Vodka family, however he will be coming in as a brand owner and no longer a partnering individual. Yes, the partnership is still there but the level has shifted slightly differently and will immensely benefit both parties involved going forth.

“While AKA will remain an integral part of the CRUZ family and a valued business partner, as per his request, we will be phasing his name off the CRUZ Watermelon bottle and will phase CRUZ Banana out of the market this summer” reads CRUZ Vodka statement

Without fail, tweeps have taken jabs at AKA while comparing him to rapper Cassper Nyovest who also has his own alcohol brand called Don Balliato. This compariosn comes as a no surprise since both AKA and Cassper Nyovest are each others biggest arch nemesis. Tweeps are claiming that AKA must have taken inspiration from Cassper Nyovest, hence he is coming out of the partnership with CRUZ Vodka but coming in as a brand owner instead.

Although notoriously known for clapping back on social media, AKA has decided on taking the high road and left tweeps running with their assumptions. AKA is more focused on building his brand and securing his bags and we are here for it.

“Going forward the AKA brand name will be reserved for AKA owned products. This will happen in a phased manner from May – October. We are excited to see what the Supamega will bring to the South African drinks as he enters this new exciting period in his career” read CRUZ Vodka statement

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