Police have made three arrests in the case involving the kidnapping of Amy-Leigh de Jager from the Kollegepark primary school in Vanderbijlpark on Monday morning.

Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo confirmed the arrest to TimesLIVE on Thursday morning.

“We will issue a statement soon,” Naidoo said.

The school shared on Facebook on Thursday that its management was “aware of the suspects that were arrested in the Amy-Leigh case”.

“We cannot make all information known at this stage,” said the school.

A Facebook page created during the 19-hour search for Amy-Leigh also confirmed that police have made arrests.

“All suspects in connection with the kidnapping of Amy-Leigh de Jager were arrested during the night. We need special prayers for the family for the trial phase and recovery after the tragic trauma. . .Thank you to the public for all the love, prayers and support in this tragic time.”

Four men had grabbed the grade R pupil from her mother, Angeline, outside the school shortly before 8am. They bundled her into a white Toyota Fortuner before speeding off.

The 6-year-old Amy-Leigh was found on Tuesday morning at around 2am. She was dropped off by two people on a street close to the Shakespeare Inn in Vanderbijlpark, and told her mother was waiting for her at the shop across the road. The child screamed when she did not see her mother. Two people on their way home from a pub stopped to ease her distress, and they walked her to a police station.

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