Former Muvhango Actress, Liteboho Molise Calls It Quits On Her Marriage

Liteboho Molise has opted out of her marriage to leave her polygamous tycoon husband Thabo Twala.

Molise, popular for portraying Tebogo on the multilingual SABC 2 show broke up with Twala and the two have been living separately for three years.

Molise lives with their five-year-old child in Midstream Estate, in Joburg, and Twala in Gauteng’s most expensive suburb of Sandhurst in Sandton.

News of their separation, which has been kept hush-hush, was revealed by the actress’s close relative, who supported Molise’s decision to leave the marriage.

The relative, who did not want to be identified, said Molise and Twala got married in 2015 but only enjoyed their marital bliss for a year, as their marriage disintegrated in 2016 when she discovered that Twala was married to two other women, Mpho and Kate, behind her back.

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  • The relative said they discovered Twala’s polygamous marriage after he paraded the expensive Merc he had bought for her on social media.

    Liteboho Molise and Thabo Twala
    Liteboho Molise and Thabo Twala in happier times. Pic supplied

    When social media troops asked her about Kate and Mpho and whether she was a home wrecker, Molise said when she started dating Twala the two wonen were history as the construction mogul had broken up with them when she met him.

    But the two women took to social media and disputed Molise’s version of events, insisting they were still married to Twala and were happy with the “is’thembu” arrangement.

    To Molise’s shock and chagrin, Twala also publicly confirmed he was a polygamist and was married to Mpho, Kate and Molise, said the relative.

    “This embarrassed Liteboho because for starters, she did not know that she was in a polygamous marriage. So she immediately broke up with him. She does not believe in polygamy and she felt she was no longer going to be happily married as she loved him dearly and was not prepared to share him with other women.”

    The kin also said though they tried to resolve their differences to save their marriage, they both eventually agreed to part ways.

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