Watch: Two truck accidents leads to N3 closure in Pietermaritzburg

Two truck accidents on the N3 south and northbound have led to the closure of the major freeway in the vicinity of the Peter Brown bridge near Pietermaritzburg on Friday afternoon.

One person died and another was injured in the truck accident on the N3 south just past the Peter Brown off-ramp.

Roland Robertson of the Midlands EMS said the northbound lane was completely closed with only one lane open on the southbound.

“We were attending another accident on the southbound when this one happened. Traffic was already moving slow and the truck driver who was driving down the hill went to the northbound side where his truck overturned,” said Robertson.

According to paramedics who were at the scene, it has not been confirmed if the person who died was inside the truck or on the road when the accident happened.

KZN Dept of Transport has warned light motor vehicle drivers to get off the N3 if they are not already stuck in the traffic jam caused by the two accidents.

“Light motor vehicle drivers going towards Howick can apparently get back on at Peter Brown and continue with their journey.

Those coming down may still be able to get off at Peter Brown,” KZN Dept of Transport advised.

Other motorists, except heavy duty trucks, can use Old Howick road or Sweetwaters both ways.

Motorists are urged to plan their travel and adjust accordingly as the N3 may be closed for quite a while northbound and southbound there will be delays.

Please drive carefully and cautiously and make way for emergency vehicles if you are already on the N3 or nearby.

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