Another video from the foiled Pretoria heist has shown how the driver, Leo Prinsloo, bravely rammed the robbers vehicles and charged onto them as they lay in wait for him.

The terrifying footage shot from a front facing dashcam shows Leo taking out the highpowered vehicles with his Toyota Land Cruiser.

“There is nothing that can really prepare you 100% for a situation like that,” is what Leo Prinsloo said after surviving the cash-in-transit (CIT) attack in Pretoria last week.

Prinsloo spoke to television broadcasting channel eNCA’s reporter, Barry Bateman, saying he “pre-visualised” what he was going to do when a group of armed men tried to rob the CIT vehicle he was driving on 22 April, on the N4 in Pretoria.

SA Trucker reported police spokesperson Brigadier Vish Naidoo as saying the attackers fired several shots at the vehicle, attempting to stop it during a high speed chase.

Two videos, which were recorded in the cabin of the CIT vehicle, shows Prinsloo and his colleague, Lloyd Mtombeni, reacting to multiple shots.

According to Batemen, Mtombeni said it was his fourth day at the company and his third day assigned under Prinsloo when the incident occurred.

“You know instinct kicks in pretty much… When we train people, we usually tell them to pre-visualise what you are going to do… That’s pretty much what happened – I pre-visualised what I was going to do, to the best of my ability,” said Prinsloo.

I did what my mind just told me to do, and it worked out for me on that day.

As the armed robbers pounced, Prinsloo could be seen immediately reacting, appearing to ram into one of the vehicles before speeding off.

He is seen in the footage, cool, calm and collected. He asks Mtombeni to cock a rifle, as he evades the CIT robbers. He makes a U-turn and then speeds off again.

Mtombeni said it was his first time being shot at, but he was comforted knowing he was under the care of the experienced Prinsloo.

“I learnt a lot – how to react to situations like [that]… Because it was my first time…”

The attackers fled without taking any cash.

Naidoo said no arrests had been made yet.