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Pretoria – A Waterkloof, Pretoria businessman was ordered to remove the 21 surveillance cameras he installed in his R15million home in Lawley Street after his estranged wife said she could not tolerate being watched all the time.

The woman, 54, had filed for divorce after their marriage of about 30 years broke down, but they still shared the home. The couple may not be identified as divorce proceedings are pending.

The woman told the Gauteng High Court, Pretoria, that she stayed in a bedroom on one side of the passage, while her husband had a room on the opposite side.

According to her, the surveillance cameras compromised her right to privacy, as her husband and the security company involved could watch her every move.

Although there were no cameras in her bedroom or bathroom, she said she could not move from the bedroom to the laundry room to get her clothes. Not only this, but she could not sunbathe by the pool, as the man could view her and her friends who visited.

The cameras are situated, among other places, in the passages, spare rooms, the kitchen, lounge, television room, porches, cinema room and study.

Judge Colleen Collis issued an urgent order that all the cameras inside the house be removed, as well as those outside, which kept watch over the swimming pool and entertainment area.

The man is also interdicted from reinstalling security cameras in these spots while the woman is still living in the house.

The woman said in court papers that since she indicated she wanted a divorce, she and her husband had not been on good terms.

She explained the house was located in an extremely safe environment which has 24-hour security.

The husband said he installed them because of his security concerns.

He accused his wife of going to bed without locking the doors.

He said, since their separation, she had taken the dogs with her into her room, which she locked. They could, therefore, no longer act as a security measure in and around the house.

He added he had noticed documents disappearing from his study, and he suspected she was involved.

He said the cameras did not record sound and denied he wanted to view his wife’s movements in the house and had no desire to watch her at the pool.

Source: Pretoria News

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