Durban teen shaken after being pulled into alley in rape attempt

Durban – Two Durban teenager girls were left shaken on Monday after one was threatened and the other was nearly kidnapped.

On Ninth Avenue in Morningside, a 13-year-old girl was allegedly pulled in one of the alleys by two men in blue overalls who tried to rape her. 

According to the Morningside Crime Watch, they threatened her if she told anyone that they would come back for her. 

The Berea Community Policing Forum came to her aid and provided counselling. A case has been opened at the Berea police station. Police said the matter was sensitive and could not divulge information.

The teenager’s mother said her daughter said one of them had a gun and when she asked what they wanted, they put a hand over her mouth.

“They called her a piece of rubbish and said they were sent by someone her daughter knew and whoever that was, said they could do whatever they wanted to do to her, while fiddling with her skirt,” the mother said.

She said luckily she made her daughter wear one of those thick waist high tights, which made it difficult for them to sexually assault her, then they let her go.

The mother said her daughter only noticed when they had let her go and drove off that they had come in to cars and not one like she had initially thought.

“She came to me and when I noticed that something was wrong, she said ‘Mommy’ and broke down and cried,” she said.

“She’s not doing well, she doesn’t want to eat. All she wants to do is bath and sleep.”

She said she did not know where the attack came from and she did not know whether she was coming or going.

It is alleged that yesterday at midday, there was an attempted kidnapping on parkington Grove in Greenwood Park, north of Durban.

The vehicle used was apparently a white Tata Indica with tinted windows, occupied by two men. The vehicle had stopped and one of the men got out and attempted to push a high school girl into the vehicle, but she was able to break free and get away.

Kyle Van Reenen, a spokesperson for Marshall Security,  said the girl managed to break free and get away from the men.

“We responded and made contact with the victim who was left shaken up and traumatized. We were alerted to an incident in the Greenwood Park area. We advise the public to be aware of their surroundings at all times. They must not walk with headphones on as this can be distracting. The matter is being investigated further by the police,” Van Reenen said.

Ward 34 councillor, Ashok Maharajh, asked which kidnapping the Daily News was referring to because there were so many happening.

“I’m stunned, this is getting out of hand,” Maharajh said.

“There are a lot happening and in the last three months I’ve been hearing hearing about a number of abductions.”

He said young women and children were being pulled into vehicles and abducted for unknown reasons.

However, he said he was happy with the visibility of Metro Police in the area.

Source: Daily News

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