New, men-free ride, Chaufher, coming to town

Cape Town- Women feeling unsafe and vulnerable even when requesting taxi rides could soon be a thing of the past as a new ride service which is predominantly owned by women, for women, is set to hit Cape Town and Johannesburg soon.

Chaufher, according to its website, seeks to empower women to go wherever they want to go by connecting them with vetted female drivers.

The service’s app boasts safety features for both driver and rider in a form of a “third-party notification”, which allows a third member who the rider knows and trusts to track the trip of their loved one.

Should either driver or rider feel that their safety is threatened in any way, the serviceĀ  also offers an emergency SOS button and a 24-hour service.

Good driving is key, and to ensure this, the service will offer training for their drivers by partnering with various organisations. The training includes eye-coordination, reaction techniques and defensive driving.

So centred on women is the service that it also caters for women travelling with their young ones, by offering rides with child-safety booster seats.

Of the seven founding and managing team members, only one is a male. They all boast extensive experience in different fields including business, operations and banking.

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