Senzo Meyiwa murder case, 25 questions that has not been answered yet.

Senzo Moyiwa murder investigations dig up more information

With investigations going on, on the murder case of Senzo Moyiwa, more disturbing evidence has emerged which leaves us with a lot of questions.

It has been revealed that police services allowed two different teams to investigate the case while reporting to two different offices. The first team was reporting to Minister Bheki Cele while the second team was reporting to former commissioner Khehla Sitole. Which leaves a question on who within the police ranks allowed that to happen?

They must also explain why Maggie Phiri was not arrested on the spot for interfering with the crime scene after she admitted cleaning up the house before police arrived. As we all know to tamper with evidence is a punishable crime as it is regarded as obstruction of justice. Surprisingly Maggie Phiri was not charged with obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence.

They must tell South Africa why no single statement, from everyone who was in the house, was taken that night. Yet another questionable act as the police did not take statements of everyone who was there that night which seem odd as it might appear as if they were giving them time to come up with their alibi.

Senzo Moyiwa murder investigations dig up more information
Senzo Moyiwa murder investigations dig up more information

Surprisingly the people in the house that day did not ask for help or call the police to inform them of the development. Why were they not taking action? The incident came to the attention of the police after the neighbour called the police. The cellphone which was in the house was not handed into the police for investigations which is another questionable act.

The only potential eyewitnesses who could have assisted with the information, Thabang Makalane and Simphiwe Ngwenya, who was sitting on the street corner that night, are both dead. This appears to be a “tying loose ends” act. Thabang was allegedly poisoned and Simphiwe was shot. Thabang`s girlfriend was told to clean his room where he died and throw away everything in it.

Senior police officers arrived at the scene that night, to do what exactly? Who was in charge of all the police that were there that night? Why no statements were taken from all the cops that came to the crime scene. Where did everyone who was in the house sleep that night?

The NPA built their case on one docket of which there were two dockets on one case. They must explain why they chose the docket and which team they recognized and why? They should also state the factors that made them disregard the other docket. The dockets have two sets of suspects, why so?

Names of everyone, police, and the neighbors who were or came to the house should be availed for investigations. Phone calls were not traced that were made by everyone before and after Senzo was killed. Why? The towel that was used to stop the bleeding when he was rushed to the hospital was hidden. Why?

The apprehended suspects have been in and out of the courtroom, who is paying their legal fees? What happened to the mastermind and why is he or she not on the docket? There was an R150k reward, what happened to it? How many people were arrested and questioned over Senzo`s murder? What happened to the so-called getaway car?

Senzo Moyiwa murder investigations dig up more information

There was a hat found on the scene, the question is who is the owner of the hat. What type of a gun was used to kill Senzo and who found the cartridge, where was it and when was it found? It is said that amongst the arrested suspects one of them had dreadlocks back in October 2014 but now has cut off the dreadlocks. Why?

senzo moyiwa`s murder investigations

Who was the original lead investigator in this case and why was he or she removed? Who took over from him or her, and again why was he or she removed? Who are the names of Senzo’s killers that his own father Sam gave to the police in May 2015? Who was his source?

Source: Mzilikazi waAfrika