Ravi Chetty shot dead

Watch: Alleged drug kingpin Ravi Chetty shot dead

Ravi Chetty, an alleged drug lord from Sydenham has been shot dead. Chetty was shot outside Shifa Private Hospital on Randles Road, Berea, around midday on Thursday, 30 June.

The road has been cordoned off and crime scene investigators are busy assessing the scene.

A video taken by a passer-by shows Chetty’s lifeless body still in his vehicle, seated in the driver’s seat.

It’s been reported that twelve bullets were fired at his car, hitting him through the driver’s window.

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According to nearby residents, all they heard was loud gunshots being fired and the sound was not that of a ‘normal’ firearm.

Ravi Chetty survived an assassination attempt back in 2019.

This is a developing story.