Upper Highway residents sustained injuries following an assault, in two separate incidents, in the Westville and Hillcrest areas.

A Westville resident sustained injuries when a gang of armed robbers assaulted him just after he pulled into his driveway yesterday. Blue Security community and media liaison officer Andreas Mathios said the resident had just driven into his driveway when he was accosted by the gang. The incident occurred at around 1.55pm. “As the resident opened his garage a gang of four armed men who had arrived in a Ford SUV accosted him and assaulted him. One of the suspects appeared to be armed, although it was unclear whether it was a real firearm. The resident sustained head injuries during the assault,” Mathios said.

“The resident’s wife heard the commotion and went to investigate. The suspects accosted her and dragged her down the stairs. She sustained bruising to her elbow. The suspects then turned and fled the scene. ER24 paramedics attended the scene of the crime but the residents declined medical treatment,” he said. Westville SAPS attended the scene of the crime.

In a separate incident, a senior Hillcrest resident sustained bruising to her wrists after a housebreaker confronted her in her home at around 6.50pm last night. “The resident was sitting in the study when she heard noises in the house and she got up to investigate. Before she could even walk out of the study a suspect rushed into the room and grabbed her hand, threatening to kill her if she made a noise,” Mathios said.

“She managed to free herself from the suspect’s grip and locked herself in the garage where she screamed for help. Her neighbours heard her screams and arrived to assist her,” he said. Mathios said upon investigation it was found that the suspect had gained entry into the home by forcing open a bathroom window and burglar bars. “The suspect had ransacked the main bedroom and fled with a tablet and cellphone,” Mathios said. Hillcrest SAPS attended the scene of the crime.


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