lonehill, sandton shooting

‘I drew my gunand started shooting’

THE festive season is around the corner and criminals seem to be trying to make quick buck.

A video of thugs trying in a white Mercedes Benz trying to rob two men has gone viral on social media.

In the video, the hunter became the hunted very quickly – according to a Facebook group Nationwide Crime SA, the men in the Benz followed the man when he was on his bike with his dog from Village Church.

“The boom slowed them down. As I got home, I put my bike in my car port, park my truck inside. My son came out, took my dog inside.

“They then came past in the white Mercedes, I thought it was neighbours or visitors to a few houses down from me,” the man told Nationwide Crime SA.

The man said they then made a U-turn and came back parking quite aggressively and the passenger’s door opened.

“The guy with a pistol in his hand got out, when I saw the gun, I knew it was a robbery, I drew mine and started firing. They then sped away. On the way out the crashed through the boom.

The incident reportedly occurred at La Gratitude Circle on Lonehill Sandton.


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