15 years in jail for Durban man who burnt his manager to death

Durban – A man who set his work colleague alight following an argument has been began serving his 15 year jail term.

Ricardo Naidoo, 44, was convicted of the murder of Rogers Naidoo’s in the Durban Regional Court.

The incident took place 18 month ago. .

Naidoo had been doused with thinners and set alight at the industrial cleaning company in Prospecton, south Durban, where they worked.

Moments later, he called his wife pleading for help. He was taken to hospital and spent two weeks in the intensive care unit. He was treated for severe burns and smoke inhalation.

He died two weeks later in hospital.

Naidoo’s widow Cheryl said they would have celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary.

“Instead of celebrating I am mourning his death,” said Naidoo.
Ricardo fled after the incident but was arrested in August last year as he crossed the border from Zimbabwe into South Africa.

For Cheryl and her three children, aged between 24 and 19, it was little comfort.

“That was not justice being served. He robbed us of our life. He will be with his family again. What about us?

“It has been over a year that my husband was killed, but our wounds are still fresh. It is like it happened just yesterday.

“His killer and his family tried to apologise but it is too late. What was done to my husband was unforgivable.

“My children and I are struggling financially, as he was our breadwinner. We are also emotionally drained as if our hearts were ripped out of our chests,” she said.

Cheryl added she and Rogers had plans for the future.

“I sometimes cry but also laugh when I think back to all our conversations. I spent most of my life with him. We we were looking forward to growing old together and taking care of our grandchildren.

“He was the type of husband that lived for his family and children. He would never raise his hand against anyone. He was a humble, caring and loving person.

“Why did he have to die in such a cruel way? His killer should have been given a life sentence for the crime.”

Source: POST

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