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Brave teen saves herself and friend from brutal killing



Cape Town – A brave 13-year-old girl managed to save herself and her 15-year-old friend from being killed after they were attacked by three men who sexually assaulted them.

The girl and boy were both raped, sodomised, beaten with bricks, stabbed and robbed by men who had dragged them into a bush in Delft.

The horrific ordeal happened last week and while the girl has been discharged from hospital, the boy is still in a critical condition.

The boy received multiple stab wounds to his body, was beaten with a brick, robbed of his shoes and was nearly set alight by their attackers.

The girl’s family says they have decided to speak out in the hope that the three perpetrators will be caught, Daily Voice reported.

Pointing to cuts and bruises on the child’s neck and legs, her 29-year-old mother says her daughter is only alive because of her quick thinking.

The girl and her mom pointed out the scene along Kershout Street, in Delft South, pointing out the flattened bushes where the vicious attack took place.

“She had been walking her friend home when they saw these three coloured men passing and then following them,” the mom says.

“They hid themselves and when they saw it was safe, they continued to walk and went to the field to chat.”

But the men found them and searched the teens for money and their cellphones, before dragging them both deeper into the bush, where the girl was raped and beaten.

“They asked if he is her boyfriend. She lied and said he is her brother,” the mom says.

“They started smacking the boy. They said if she screamed, they would kill her and they smacked and punched her. They pulled down her panty and raped her.”

She says the men then broke a beer bottle and used the bottleneck to stab her in the legs.

“They started raping and stabbing the boy and she told them ‘please do not kill us’ and ‘take whatever you want’,” the traumatised mother says.

“He was stabbed in the neck, face and all over the body.

“She said they covered their faces and one said let’s burn the boy and the others said no.

“They said they were worried about the fingerprints and spoke in English and Afrikaans.

“My daughter says they were wearing Nike caps, two were short and one tall.

“They started hitting the boy in the head with a brick and were sodomising them.

“She thought she and her friend were going to die.”

She says her daughter then realised she needed to do something and told their attackers she had to pee.

She moved away from the men and as soon as the girl spotted someone, she started shouting for help, causing the perpetrators to “pull up their pants and run”.

The girl and her rescuer ran home to her house, from where police and emergency services were called.

The mom says they found the bleeding boy in the bush, “he was close to death”.

Police confirmed the matter is being investigated and that no arrests have been made yet. Daily Voice

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Watch: Teddy Mafia’s son-in-law targeted in Shallcross drive-by shooting



Teddy mafia son in law

Kesavan Isaac Naidoo, the son-in-law of slain alleged Durban drug boss “Teddy Mafia” has survived a brazen attempted assassination on Wednesday, his family confirmed.

The incident took place at about 10am in Shallcross, south of Durban.

Naidoo, 41, is the son-in-law of Yaganathan Pillay – also known as Teddy Mafia.

He was shot twice in a daylight hit on Table Mountain Drive. The incident was captured on CCTV.

“Isaac was shot in both legs and his driver was shot in the hand. Both of them survived. They’re in hospital,” he said.

Read also: Alleged Durban drug kingpin Teddy Mafia killed, suspects beheaded

Pillay said Naidoo was in the back seat while his wife was in the front. The shooting, seen in the footage, takes place moments after they open the doors of their vehicle to get out.

In the footage, a white vehicle can be seen driving along Table Mountain Drive before it is stopped, partially blocking the left hand side of the road. Thirteen seconds later, Naidoo’s vehicle, a white Toyota Fortuna, pulls up.

The back passenger door of the Fortuner is opened, but it is not clear from the footage who the person was who opened it or if they got out of the vehicle.

Naidoo’s wife is seen getting out of the front passenger side of the vehicle and walks towards the rear of the SUV.

Suddenly, four men alight from the stationary vehicle, three of them drawing firearms and running towards the Fortuner, firing multiple shots. The fourth man stands next to the white car.

As the bullets are fired, Naidoo’s driver accelerates and drives past the other vehicle. Naidoo is presumably in the vehicle as it speeds away, but this could not immediately be confirmed.

Pillay said Naidoo was doing “OK”.

Police have been approached for comment, and this story will be updated.


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Facebook Down, Instagram and WhatsApp also offline



Facebook Down, Instagram and WhatsApp also offline

Facebook is currently experiencing an outage impacting its family of sites including WhatsApp and Instagram.

Most Facebook users are seeing an error message that says ‘This site can’t be reached.’ On Instagram, the error message shows as a 5xx Server Error message.

The outage is impacting users on both desktop and mobile.

“We’re aware that some people are having trouble accessing our apps and products,” Andy Stone, policy communications manager at Facebook, tweeted on Monday. “We’re working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible, and we apologize for any inconvenience.”

Facebook Messenger and Oculus are also experiencing outages.

The first reports on started around 5pm.

According to The Verge, the issue is likely related to a DNS issue. When Slack experienced an outage last week, it was also related to DNS issues.

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Husband killed, wife critical as robbers open fire during Joburg home invasion



randpark home invasion

A home invasion on Sunday night left a man dead and his wife fighting for her life after they were shot by robbers in Randpark, Johannesburg.

Emer-G-Med private emergency services paramedics found the man had sustained fatal gunshot wounds and he was declared dead.

His wife was also shot several times and was stabilised before being taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Reports from the scene indicated there were several armed assailants.

Police are investigating the incident.- TimesLIVE

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