Breaking News: Parliament Building in Cape Town is on Fire

The National Assembly Building on Parliament Avenue is on fire with reports of the fire coming in as early as 05:03 a.m. on 2 January 2022.

According to the Cape Town City Fire and Rescue Services, they rushed to the Parliament Building earlier this morning after receiving reports that a building alight in Parliament Avenue.

“Roeland Street Fire was first on scene and with the assessment of the fire more resources were called,

“We currently have 6 firefighting appliances and approximately 36 firefighters on scene,

The fire was reported to be on the 3rd floor – inititial reports indicate it started in the office space and is spreading toward the gymnasium,” reported City Fire and Rescue.

The roof area has caught alight and the National Assembly building is on fire too.

The fire has not been contained and reports of cracks in some walls of the building have been confirmed.

More resources have been requested by fire fighters on the scene.

This is a developing story… Updates will be shared as they become available.

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