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Bride accidentally kills 13 family members while trying to murder her husband

She planned to kill her husband, instead she accidentally murdered 13 loved ones.

The woman, from Muzaffargarh, a city in south Punjab in Pakistan, poisoned a glass of milk intended for her new husband but he did not drink it.

According to India Today, her mother in-law used the poisoned milk to make lassi, a popular traditional yoghurt-based drink.

According to The Telegraph, 27 people suffered poisoning, 13 of whom died.

Times Now News has identified the woman as Aasia and her husband as Amjad. Aasia has since been arrested. She’s believed to have confessed to the crime while in custody.

It’s reported that Aasia did not want to marry Amjad but was forced into the marriage. India Today reports that she had previously run away from her parent’s home.