Lasizwe topped Twitter trends after Mzansi responded to the video of him donning a G-string at the flamboyant Konka nightclub on Sunday night.

The YouTuber posted pics and videos of him in a black thong and having a nice time at the popular Konka nightclub. He claimed he was copying a look made famous by female DJ Uncle Waffles.

“Call me Aunty Pancakes” he tweeted of his fun new persona.

Uncle Waffles is known for showing off her skimpy underwear whilst performing in clubs around the continent.

But Lasizwe wasn’t prepared to be hit with a ton of nasty comments, including body-shaming tweets from trolls. Some tweeps even brought up that R2 million he raised for student debt!


Taking to his Twitter account, Lasizwe slammed those mocked him in several angry tweets.

“Lasizwe wearing a Thong/G-String on HIS BODY and he is happy!”

“So y’all are upset that I wore a Thong/G-String… yall are CRAZY! Kanti who’s body is it?”

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“How does wearing a thong/g-string disturb your life? MY BODY, MY RULES! Twitter is quick to project their insecurities”

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