SA Airlink bird strike

Passengers Escape Unharmed in SA Airlink Plane Bird Strike Accident in Northern Cape

A SA Airlink JS41 was involved in a serious bird strike accident on 3 January 2022 while landing at Venetia Mine in Kathu, Nothern Cape province.

According to reports on social media, the propeller disintegrated and it hit the cabin.

It was a lucky escape for the passengers and crew who came out unscathed.

It’s reported that the SA Airlink Jetstream JS-41, registration ZS-NRJ was performing a charter flight from Johannesburg to Venetia Mine, South Africa when a bird impacted the right hand propeller causing one of the blades to separate and penetrate the cabin.

The aircraft continued for a safe landing.

The airline confirmed the incident on Jan 4th 2022 stating: “Yesterday an Airlink Jetstream 41 aircraft operating a private charter flight struck a large bird upon landing at Venetia airfield. None of the passengers or crew were injured although the aircraft sustained substantial damage.”

The aircraft was severely damaged.

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