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Man arrested for the murder of retired Durban school principal

Durban – Police have made a breakthrough in the murder of former school principal Shirley James of Newlands West who was found dead in her garage.

Shirley James,79, was found lying on her back with a piece of cloth wrapped around her face in her garage of her Mallcastle Place home by officers from a private security company.

Captain Nqobile Gwala,a KwaZulu-Natal police spokesperson, said, “It is alleged a body of a 79-year-old woman was found lying in her garage with assault wounds to the head. The victim was staying alone in her house. The matter is still under investigation.”

A case of murder and robbery was being investigated by Newlands East SAPS.

Newlands East police detectives Andre Moses and Mohammed Basha arrested a man in the Sea Cow Lake area on Saturday night.

The detectives also recovered jewellery and other items taken from the house.

The man is expected to appear in the Ntuzima Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Police believe she could have died any time between Thursday and Saturday as her body showed signs of decomposition.

The alarm was apparently raised on Monday, August 12, when a family member called the security company because they were unable to contact James.

She had not answered her phone and had missed a church service.

James was the former principal of Collegevale Primary School in Overport and Newlands West Secoundary School ex-principal.

There were different reactions to James death on Facebook.

Wandera Abdulwandera said, “I think religious education in school would help decrease crimes regions teach people how to behave and responsible and even respect human life and elderly.”

Kogie Naidoo said, “She was my principal at Collegevale Senior Primary , my mentor, my leader, my friend until she retired. She was kind, compassionate, fair and strict. I learnt so much from her which I implemented at my own school. Thank you Mrs James. May your beautiful soul rest in peace. An absolutely brilliant mind.”

Nellie Deyi said, “It seems as if we can’t have a peaceful retirement because of the criminals.”

Nalini Pillay said, “I met her when she was at Malvern Primary.She was such a wonderful woman ,hospitable,kind ,elegant and very knowledgeable.I cannot bear to think of her terror and fear at the hands of her attacker/s.She didn’t deserve this. Rest in peace and may justice be swift and severe.”

Pavitska Badasie said, “To take the life of someone who educates must hold great punishment.”

Source : Daily News