soweto residents loot spaza shop

Residents loot Soweto spaza shop accusing owner of killing teenager

Looting erupted outside a foreign-owned spaza shop in Soweto on Wednesday afternoon after the owner of the shop was alleged to have shot dead a local teen.

Community members have emptied the shop of its stock‚ making off with bottles of cold drink; bags of flour‚ mealie meal and sugar; nappies and baby food.

Broken bottles and sizeable rocks littered the street.

Armed police stood near the shop watching as the crowds made off with the loot‚ which also included a broken fridge.

Members of the community alleged that the shop owner had shot the boy earlier on Wednesday after another youth had tried to break into his store.

“We will loot! He killed an innocent child‚” shouted one community member.

This is a developing story…

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