kzn heat wave

Warning: Soaring temperatures hit KZN

DURBAN : Stay well hydrated – that is the warning from KZN Emergency Services (KZN EMS) as temperatures across the province are set to soar into the high thirties and forties on Friday, while a severe weather watch has been issued by the SA Weather Service for thunderstorms expected later today.

With an expected high of 42 degrees celsius in Ulundi, 39 degrees in Richards Bay and 38 degrees in Newcastle and Ladysmith, KZN EMS Robert Mckenzie said that dehydration and heat stroke are the two greatest risks in high temperatures.

He advised drinking two litres of water a day provides good hydration in scorching heat, adding that the elderly and children are at the highest risk

“We respond to multiple cases each day for people that have dehydration or heat stroke. If somebody is not feeling well as a result of the heat, they may be feeling dizzy, they could be feeling nauseous, they will normally will be feeling quite thirsty as well. If they don;t want to drink, are confused or unable to co-operate with you, then you need to call emergency services,” said McKenzie.

SA Weather Service forecaster, Ayanda Ntsele confirmed a severe weather watch has been issued for later today, with thunderstorms expected in the northern areas of KZN.

Ntsele said the weather is expected to cool on Saturday with Durban expecting a temperature of 25 degrees with some showers forecast.

Cooler temperatures are expected next week though when rain is expected for much of the week.

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