Watch: Durban landlord allegedly shoots ‘trespassing’ tenant’s visitors

Durban – A scuffle between a landlord and his tenant’s visitors has left two men nursing gunshots wounds. This after the landlord allegedly opened fire on the men on Sunday afternoon, in Montclair, south of Durban.

KZN EMS’ Robert McKenzie said they attended to two men both in their late 30s at around 14h30.

“One sustained a gunshot wound on the thigh, while the other had a gunshot wound in the lower abdomen,” he said.

Mckenzie added that “Both men were taken to hospital in serious but stable condition.”

It is alleged that the victims had visited the alleged gunman’s tenant when a quarrel ensued between the two parties.

According to a neighbour who spoke on condition of anonymity, the landlord and his daughter arrived to see two women in his yard.

“He asked them what business they had in his premises of which they told him that they were just leaving after visiting a tenant,” said the neighbour.

“The daughter told the women that they should not leave until they call the police because they were not believing their story,” added the neighbour.

According to the neighbour the women turned violent and demanded that they let them go to their car which waited outside.

“A scuffle ensued between the two women and the father and daughter on the other side, as the women tried to force to leave the premises,” he said.

Another motorist who spoke to TellitallSA but did not want his name to be published said he stopped about 30 metres before the scene when he saw the commotion.

“I saw three women and a man fighting on the road then I stopped a distance away, not wanting to be involved,” said the witness.

“Two men came out of the car to try and stop the fight,” he added.

According to the witness the men wanted to stop the fight but they ended up being involved as blows were exchanged between them and the landlord.

The landlord is alleged to have drawn his firearm and shot the two men and they fell to the ground.

The tenant whom the women had visited only identified as Collen, said he only came out after hearing gunshots and was surprised to see that two men had been shot.

Montclair SAPS attended the scene and arrested the alleged shooter and confiscated his firearm.

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