Watch | Motorists risk lives driving through burning tyres on N2

Durban – Desperate motorists risked their lives as they forced to drive through a blockade of burning tyres on N2 near the Cement factory on Friday morning.

They passed one by one avoiding the burning tyres through the thick black smoke that clouded the whole area.

Those who could not take the risk waited patiently for the police while some turned back when protestors blocked the road with truck tyres and set them alight.

Eventually Durban Metro police arrived on the scene together with the fire department and extinguished the fire before opening the road to traffic.

Motorists using the Higginson Highway to take the N2 northbound offramp had to drive on towards Mobeni and Jacobs to avoid the backlog of traffic.

Several disgruntled motorists took to the Traffic KZN -Facebook group to vent their anger.

Craig Moodley said, “These protesters are becoming professional in their roadblocks. The road is completely blocked with burning tyres. This is what a 30% school pass rate leaves us with in our society. People have the freedom to express themselves and protest. The rest of us must just watch and be inconvenienced by this. Where’s everyone’s else’s freedom?”

Linda Vorwerk questioned who carted all those tyres and pays for the fuel to ignite them?