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Armed gang flee empty handed when New Germany resident shoots back

Blue Security community and media liaison officer Andreas Mathios said around three suspects had attempted to kick down the door of a home in Wehaus Street not realising that there was someone at home. The incident occurred at around noon.

“The resident confronted the armed robbers, who proceeded to fire shots at him. He then returned fire, causing the suspects to turn and flee the scene without taking anything, dropping a crowbar that they had brought with them. The suspects fled in an awaiting getaway vehicle,” Mathios said.

“It’s possible that two suspects were shot and injured in the gunfight as there are traces of blood on scene. The resident was not injured during the shooting.”

Mathios said a neighbour, who heard the suspects kicking in the door, pressed his Blue Security panic app and alerted the local neighbourhood WhatsApp group to the incident.

“Armed response officers from Lad Security and Blue Security arrived at the scene of the crime as well as neighbourhood watch patrollers, Proforce Security and a task team from Pinetown SAPS who all responded swiftly,” Mathios said.

“The crime scene was cordoned off and the scene was handed over to SAPS Pinetown for further processing.”


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