Armed men terrorise Durban family in home invasion

Durban – A quiet evening at home turned into a nightmare when a Montclair family were terrorised by a gang of armed men last night (Wednesday, 10 April). The men ransacked the home and injured an elderly man, reports Southlandssun.

The daughter, who spoke to the SUN, said her 71-year-old father was sleeping inside the house on the couch and she was outside with her mother and friend when they heard the dogs barking at the gate. “My friend went to investigate and saw four men tampering with the gate. One of the guys saw him, went back to his car and came back with a gun and instructed my friend to open the gate. When I looked outside I saw another guy scaling the wall. We all went inside the house, we tried to lock the door but couldn’t and all four men rushed into the house,” she said.

The victims crouched on the ground except the father who they shouted at to press the panic button. As he got off the couch to do so, one of the intruders kicked him in the chest. “My dad then crouched. He sustained minor soft tissue injuries and he can’t move his arm fully, but he is okay now,” she added.

“The men were in and out of the house carrying anything they can find back to their car. They kept shouting at us, demanding to know the code for the alarm and the safe. They took all three car keys and cellphones. They took everything, the house was ransacked,” she said.

This was the first time the house was broken into or ransacked. “This case felt so isolated, we have never had problems here before.”

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