Toddler (4) passes away in hospital after nearly drowning in Montclair

A Four year old little boy passed away in hospital last night after a near drowning incident on Sunday afternoon in Montclair area Durban South around 4:30pm.

Rescue Care Paramedics arrived at a residence in Atherstone Road in Montclair to find the frantic mother with the lifeless baby boy. Advanced Life Support Paramedics assessed the child and found that the little boy had no pulse.

Immediately resuscitation efforts were underway and after approximately 15 to 20 minutes Paramedics managed to regain a pulse.

The little boy was then rushed through to a nearby hospital for the further care that he required.

The boy’s condition worsened during the night and he eventually passed away.

At this stage the events leading up to the drowning are unknown however will be investigated.

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