mortar bomb found at kloof home

Watch: Mortar bomb found at Kloof home detonated

Durban – The South African Police Services Bomb Disposal Unit has safely detonated a mortar bomb at the Kloof Gorge view site after a gardener discovered it while working the garden at a Kloof home on Saturday morning, (10 October).

The unexploded mortar bomb was moved and a controlled detonation was performed in the Kloof Gorge.

According to Blue Security community and media liaison officer, Andreas Mathios, a gardener was working when he came across it.

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“The gardener then notified his employer who contacted the relevant unit. SAPS bomb squad was dispatched to the scene.

The device was taken to the gorge where a controlled detonation was performed and the bomb was destroyed.

Video footage of the controlled explosion has since surfaced online.

Watch the video below:

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